Immediate Reward

Refer to the award plan below, if the result is 1 or 2, relevant amount of printing quota will be deposited into printing account before the 7th day of the following month and the rewardee can collect the relevant prizes at Student Affairs Office (Address: Postgraduate House, S3, Room G002) once the suggestion is accepted; If the result is 3, students can also be rewarded with a prize.

GradeQ gradedStudent Award
1 or 2no QPrize + $20 Printing Quota
1 or 2QPrize + $40 Printing Quota
1 or 2QQPrize + $20 Printing Quota + $40 Shopping Coupon
1 or 2QQQPrize + $40 Printing Quota + Dolphin Prize*



GradeQ gradedStaff Award
1 or 2no QPrize + $40 Shopping Coupon
1 or 2QPrize + $60 Shopping Coupon
1 or 2QQPrize + $40 Shopping Coupon + Dolphin Prize*
1 or 2QQQPrize + $60 Shopping Coupon + Dolphin Prize*

* Dolphin Prize is limited and will be awarded only while stock lasts.

1 – Good suggestion! Concerned unit(s) will implement it.
2 – Reasonable & feasible suggestion. It will be implemented once resources allow.
3 – This is a quick-fix matter. The concerned unit(s) will handle this matter shortly.

Year-end Award

All suggestions graded with 1 or 2 (on yearly base) will be nominated automatically for the Year-end Award. For students and staff: Champion, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up of each category will be selected by the “Suggestion Scheme” Assessment Panel. They will be awarded with MOP500, MOP300 and MOP200 cash coupon respectively and a certificate.

Received Suggestion and Immediate Reward Figures

YearReceived SuggestionImmediate Reward